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Lies Ahead

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Immersive Storylines

Every choice unveils a new path through a rich, branching narrative filled with bold allies, fierce foes, and a tapestry of medieval mystique.

Strategic Combat

Master the art of war, leading your heroes through strategic battles against formidable adversaries. Your intellect, as much as your blade, determines your success.

Vast Exploration

Traverse through a vast, living world, discovering hidden treasures and untold tales waiting to be found.

About The Game

“Lies Ahead” invites you into a captivating medieval realm where destiny is drafted on the edge of a sword. Explore a vast, enchanted world, from ancient whispering forests to majestic, stone-clad castles. Engage in strategic combat, negotiate alliances, and unravel the deep-rooted lore that binds the kingdom. Your decisions shape the narrative, leading to a tapestry of outcomes awaiting your throne. Dive into a rich blend of historical authenticity and fantasy, crafting your legacy in a land where honor is the timeless currency. Your epic tale of valor and intrigue lies ahead, in a world awaiting the resonance of a hero’s blade.

“Lies Ahead” is a game by Iron Dome Studios in association with Alone Clone Studios. This collaboration has melded seasoned expertise with fresh creativity, bringing forth a medieval RPG world teeming with intrigue, valor, and endless adventure. The alliance between Iron Dome Studios and Alone Clone Studios has not only forged a game, but an odyssey into a time where every choice carves the narrative of ancient realms. Together, they invite you to traverse the thrilling landscapes, engage in epic battles, and unravel the lore that binds the fate of kingdoms in “Lies Ahead”.

Lies Ahead

You don’t get to be great without a victory…

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